How to make animation with WebCam?

Welcome to the site This intuitively understandable online-service allows you to make an animation gif very quickly. Such masterpiece can be created very easily either downloading separate frames or with an ordinary web camera. A brand new animation can be posted on a social network in order for you friends to see it. And now let’s move to the point!

Features of GIF format

A modern gif animation provides users with various features:

  1. The function of adding text commentaries into the ready file;
  2. The possibility to use an opaque background;
  3. Text output;
  4. Editing of the previous image and many of other images as well;
  5. In general gif animation showed us plenty of advantages over its analogues especially talking about compression.

Making animated images using web camera

Now it is time to find out how to create an animation using web camera. Here is a detailed manual for that:

  1. Go to the site Here you can observe a very simple interface, similar in color range to once very popular OS Windows XP.
  2. Then you can read a short manual entitled «Make an animation fast and easy». Creators are offering to add some files, links or use a web camera.
  3. After you will press the link «Web camera» you will be transformed to another section. On the right will be flash-screen. If it is necessary you have to allow access to the camera and microphone and select a suitable device from the drop-down list. The last action is for those who are using several devices. After that you can observe your reflection, right from the camera.
  4. To make an animation, you will have to make frame-pictures using camera icon in the bottom part of flash-screen. Simple pressing the icon you can create as many frames as your future gif animation requires.
  5. Wait, until received frames will upload to the site.
  6. After they have been loaded you may return to editing page, pressing the button «Continue editing». Above this button there will be all the essential information about quantity of uploaded photos that were received from the camera.
  7. In order to edit each frame it is necessary to click on it twice, and decide on the settings and effects:
    • Image;
    • sign;
    • Effect of the frame rates;
    • Selection of basic settings of animation;
  8. For changing an order of frames in your future animation it is necessary to select a particular and necessary photo, dragging it with a double arrow icon. For deleting a frame, you will have to click on a red dagger on the right side of the panel.
  9. When you are done with editing, simply press the button «create an animation». After optimization of the image follow the offered link.
  10. Gif animation is ready! In a new window you can see animated images in one whole file.
  11. For downloading your outstanding creation you should select «Save Image As» using the right mouse button.

For those who want, besides from only making an animation, please their friends and readers of a personal blog, it is possible to use a direct link.

A little more about editing

Regarding editing options one should pay attention to the frame rate and the effect of splicing of images. It is possible to change the first option from 0.1 to 100 seconds. While adding the test elements 4 font variants are available, and the possibility to choose disposition, size and color of labels.

Advantages of our animation software online

To make an animation using tool has different benefits:

  • You do not need special animation software;
  • An opportunity to create a cartoon fast and easy, dynamic avatar, banner or simple cartoons for friends;
  • there is an integration with popular social networks;
  • received animation is available for free downloading;
  • there is a detailed manual on the site with all the essential information how to make a cartoon and any other kind of animation;

What do you have to use to view gif animations in Windows?

It is possible to open cartoons in this operating system with the help of standard program for viewing images. Starting with Windows 7, the system offers an option of opening in this operating system animated images with any browse for internet surfing. It is possible to use special sofwares like Picasa for this purpose.

On what depends the quality of cartoons?

You already know the answer on the question how to make an animation, but is this animation of a poor quality? What do you have to do, who to blame? First of all a quality of your picture and video directly depends on technical characteristics of your webcam. Therefore it will be better if the resolution of your web camera was not less than 1280x720 pixels for video and 3 megapixel for photos. Usually the price of such device is more then 15 dollars.

Another important and determining factor is the recording conditions. With lack of the light and dirty lens of the camera you will get noisy and grainy frames for your future animation. High-quality pictures can be made only in daylight. But bright daylight should not be direct; otherwise all the photos will be light-damaged and hard.

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