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There are probably no users on the internet who have never seen a gif animation. They are so wide-spread that one can find gif animations on every site on various topics, different forums, social networks etc. Sometimes people are using animations for their personal entertainment, for example they are sending animations to each other while chatting on social networks. Animated images are often the embodiment of humoristic elements. Sometimes they can help during the studying, for example they can depict the sequence of the movement while using software, or playing a musical instrument. All of this, by all means, can be displayed in a form of screenshots, pictures or videos. But animation has a great number of advantages. And making cartoons is truly a fun pastime, no doubt about it.

How to make an animation and what is gif animation?

In point of fact it is simply a file, that consists of several images, that are moving one after the other. The concept of gif animation is very close to the roots of animation. Way before the first films were created, animation already existed, and it gave the possibility to create animated images. It can be created, by a well-known method from childhood, of drawing in the corners of our notebook. And then when you were flipping the pages quickly these pictures that were drawn with a little difference were coming to life. The smaller a difference between each picture is the slower will be the movement of animated images. So this is the core of every modern document in a standard gif format. Thanks to this we can even create a cartoon.

The word animation originates from the French «animation» - revival, reduction. The name itself embodies the desire to add movement and dynamics to static objects. The term «animation» is often mistaken for multiplication. But actually they have some significant differences. Animation was created way before cinematography, and it usually had some music accompaniment. Soon the artists all over the world were fascinated by the idea of making cartoons. The very first animated character was cat named Filex, but his fame did not last. Very soon he was replaced by well-known and beloved Mickey Mouse and this amusing animations was forgotten. The most famous animation to this days is still the legendary hedgehog from the cartoon «Hedgehog in the Fog».

Animation tightly cooperates with cinematography. The difference between these two spheres is enormous. Cinematograph deals with real actors and objects, shooting their movements with camera. Animation on the other hands uses inanimate objects, such as cartoon characters or plasticine`s dolls. The combination of the first and second gives the possibility to create a realistic depiction of completely imaginative things. How to make an animation more realistic? Set the smallest change of a great number of frames, and due to smoothness the effect that your dragon is flying or a person is clapping his hands will be created.

In the world of Internet the animation appeared with the development of Flash technology, but here she significantly differs from making cartoons. What is the main difference between video and gif animation? The first differs in a huge size, and, as it follows, can overload the page and causes problems with playback. Besides, the noise that appears out of the blue can scare a visitor of the site. Animations, on the other hands, loads easily, causes no problems with playback and above all it is a pleasant addition to every site. Banner advertisement, that usually uses gif format technologies, will always attract attention due to animated images, while a plain banner will not be noticed at all. If you want to make your guest genuinely interested in your site all you have to do is to create a cartoon. It doe not have to be too intricate, but it have to be dynamic.

If you are wondering how to make a gif animation there are several ways to do that. Most of then require an installation of different softwares on your computer, and also a high productivity of your computer. For example a quality animation software to create an animation is Adobe Photoshop. But why do you have to make it complicated when you simple can make an animation in easier and quicker way - make an animation online on!

How to create a cartoon?

How to make a cartoon, using your own pictures, without overloading your computer and not wasting a lot of time? At first, it should be mentioned that with the help of our service you can create an animation either from your computer or a mobile phone. At first you should upload all the necessary pictures on the site. We are working with jpeg, tiff, png, bmp, and even gif, in other words, almost with all possible formats, that you know about. How to create a gif animation from scratch? allows you to upload images in different ways:

  1. The classic explorer window. You should click the download button and select all the necessary photos in a dialogue menu. Selected images will soon turn into animated images.
  2. You may download photos by dragging and dropping images into the unit load. This way is very easy and quick. Once you drop the mouse button all files will upload automatically.
  3. Photos can be uploaded straight from your account on Facebook. You should only click the icon of social network above the button «Download». At first you will have to accept the agreement of the processing of your photos on the site And after that the special window for photo selection will open.
  4. Downloading of all the images by link. If you have found a suitable image on the Internet, then you will not have to waste your time on downloading it. Simple open the image, copy its link (you can do it by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "copy link of the image") then press the tab «URL» on the download button and paste the link of the image there.
  5. After you have uploaded all the images, in order for you to create an animation you will have to make just a few steps. This procedure will help you to get the answer on the question how to create a cartoon.

Usability and functionality of

On this site there are plenty of ways for you to make an animation for fun and interesting. In order to do so, you will have to open the edit tab. Here you can write lines on your future animation or even draw anything you want on it etc. Besides you can edit the whole animations, for example, you can change the frame rate, size of the animation, way of scaling downloaded images, or probably, to make a smooth transition between frames. When you have finished editing, you can simple push the right button and in a few seconds you will be able to enjoy your animation. Just a few easy click and you have managed to make a cartoon. It is truly amazing! Animated images can help not just designers and web- programmers, but also an ordinary people, who are interested in animated art. In order for to actualize any of your ideas you do not even need an animation software. Because with to create an animation easier and more convenient.

How to make a gif animation?

Our animation tool was made for creating a gif animation. So to create an animation with the help of our gif animation software is extremely easy. To make an animation gif online you should follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload files using ordinary dialogue, from a social network or web camera
  2. Set the options of your new gif animation: set the transition effects, the duration of the animated transition effects, add text messages and select their style.
  3. A you can see it is very easy to make a gif animation, any beginner can do it for sure. You can learn more specifically about the mechanism of creating gif animations the relevant article how to make a gif animation.

How to create an animation?

The process of creating animation will differ just a little but from creating an ordinary gif. It is possible to create an animation from photos that you can upload from:

  1. Social networks, such as Facebook or Vkontakte
  2. From the files on your computer, laptop or mobile phone, just simply pressing the button «Select photos...» above.
  3. To create the animation of your happy face, making a series of photos using web camera

Then, you can fully edit all the uploaded photos, for example you can draw over them everything you want - happy faces or draw some silly mustache to your friend’s head :) After that just press the button to create an animation and it will be created soon.

You can learn more about the process of creating animations in a relevant memo how to create an animation without installing any animation software.

How to create a cartoon?

A cartoon is a sequence of frames that are changing one after the other. So that is why in our animation software for creating cartoons we prepared the functionality that will help to create the decent sequence of frames in the cartoon.

Right below the buttons of uploading and creating there is a link «Blank frame» - press it, and then the blank frame will be added to your animation. Did you figure out why? That is correct, pressing this link couple of times you will create a sequence of blank frames for your carton. Now you can press in each of the frames «+image» and make a cartoon directly by yourself, like a real and decent animator. In order for you not to draw each image once again every time, you can press the button «+clone" and copy the necessary frame. You can only edit the new, copied frame. So this way, step by step you will create your full cartoon. Voila!

About other peculiarities on how to make a cartoon, you can read in a memo about making cartoons.