How to make a GIF?

Making animation – is a very time-consuming process if you did not manage to find a decent program or an online service. Professional programmers are usually working with two softwares for making animation - those are last version of Photoshop and Total Video Converter, which were created for working with pictures and videos. Those two powerful utilities will prompt you in making high-quality animation. Beginners frequently lack patience for working with these programs so much more often they are using online services. Analogues of serious program developments, that were adapted to online platform are much easier to work with and they do not require any specific set of skills. In order to learn about every possible way how to make animation, it is necessary to look through several popular softwares and online services.

How to make animation with the help of Total Video Converter – one of the best program for making animation?

Total Video Converter – supports more then 40 different formats of pictures and videos. During the process of making animation you can impose different sound effects and separate then from video series. With this program you are able to create any slideshow. Due to the rich variety of effects you can create interesting transitions from one slide to the other and then your project will be a unique animation clip. After you finished with your work there is an option to save a video series as one file.

If you want to get started at first you have to download a program to your computer. Gif animation - is just one option of the wide variety of format options in Total Video Converter. After the program had been successfully installed on your computer you should open the converter. You will see the window vefore you and in top right corner there will be a button - New Task, that implies making animation. On your computer you should select the video from which you want to make animation and then pick its original format GIF.

In order for gif animation not to be lost somewhere on your computer you should choose a folder and save your gif animation there. If you are going to make animation according to some options you should go to the column of program features and there you will find several fields for indicating the exact data. Afterwards you might play the clip and pick the fragments for gif animation. In the play mode establish the limits: the beginning and the end of the fragment.

The next step is to move on to the conversion of the file. Now your animations are ready save it on your computer and use it as you like. When you need to make one more animation you can just continue working in the program without reopening it. There are no limitations in the full version of the program.

Gif animation online

You can make an outstanding video series using online program, without downloading it to your computer.

If you still have no idea how to make animation you should just go to and you will immediately get it. A very plain interface without any obstacles will help you in your work. Once you have entered the site you should click the button "Upload photos and pictures" and to upload necessary images that you find useful and they will serve as basics for your animations.

If you need just to connect several photos that will alternate one after the other and have to click «Make animation» and then you will immediately get a gif animation on your computer. There are additional options in the tools that allow you to adjust the photo by size and to add filter effects. There are plenty of them on the site that is why a user can diversify his video series.

How to make gif animation in Photoshop

One can make a quality gif animation in Photoshop. This software that has huge variety of filters, has large number of options to work with videos and audiovisual files. The popularity of this program had a great impact on making animation. While the aim of plain converters and online services is to help user to make animation as quickly as it is possible without any particular skills, with Photoshop you have something to work on. Apart from standard set of tools there is an option for you to regard every image professionally adding filters and fantastic special effects.

The video layer the main function of which is to create animations in the program can be found in the «layer» column. You can draw or edit any shoot of a gif animation. In Photoshop it is even possible to clone layers in case if you are creating very complex gif animations. In order for you to connect all the shoots in one you have to click «Animation» on the panel. In this mode you should edit according to the time frames movements and other effects between cadres.

For video layers you should use other settings. For making your gif animation truly incredible you should use modifications of color and tone. These are the most popular effect among all users: transparency, styles (design), color filters. The shoot that will became a part of your animation is possible to draw on your own. It may be either an inscription or the whole drawing on the completely blank video layer.

Tips for an aspiring professionals

Experienced programmers are sharing some advises on how to make animation interesting and of a good quality. The most essential thing is that gif animation should be in one format if you are working with pictures. So choosing a video series one should control the absence of sharp transitions, because frequently we can not perceive them. The viewer should never guess that your animation is just a compilation of several pictures connected tightly with each other. Put your mind to it because you definitely do not want to have an animation of a low quality.

The same goes for video fragmentation out of different clips. If for you it is very clear that making animation is not working out in this way, do not worry. All you have to do is to choose the proper transition effects.

The visual compilation of a video fragment with the previous one may look wrong because of the sharp lightening transition, and obviousness of cadres. This insignificant technical detail sometimes can spoil the whole picture. For getting rid of various defects you can use Photoshop that in gif animation works with each cadre separately.

If you desire to make a proper gif animation you should consider timing – it is a time of transition between two cadres. Everything in gif animation should be in a decent way: without any sharp and abrupt transitions and unexpected cuttings.

A Gif animation will be watchable and enjoyable only when all the cadres are moving in the same direction, without any cadres of different sizes. The process of perception of information is getting complicated when everything is too chaotic.

This useful and helpful advises on how to make animation will help you to concentrate your attention on some typical mistakes that you should avoid making gif animations. This way your gif animation will be the most colorful and memorable of all!

Different ways how to make animations

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