Make animation online FAQ

What should I do when using your service, if I have any problem or I have anything to say??
Please, feedback use. Describe your problem, it help us fix your problem. We really glad to receive any message. We can't sleep without your informative reports and ideas! Please, don't forget leave your email, it only one way to receive out answer.
What is
Simple and easy online program which lets you quickly make online animation. Absolutely free and do not need to download anything and install.
What type of animation I can create?
Our service makes GIF animation. This is the most common animation format which supported by all modern browsers.
What do I need to create an animation??
In essence, nothing special. You need to upload a few pictures, or any other pictures (You can also use photos from internet). Nothing more, our service do all other stuff :).
What types of image files and photos can I upload?
Almost any: jpeg, jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff and other. Also you able to upload previously created animated gif, to edit them.
How to use your super online service?
Very simple. All that is necessary, go to the main page and start work, upload, create) If something is not clear, you can read the help of creating animations on our website online or ask a question in the feedback form, do not forget to specify e-mail.
How to save created Animation?
Once the animation is done, click on the right mouse button and select menu item with name like "Save As", "Save Image", "Save target as" or similar in meaning to it. Title of this item may differ slightly in different browsers. Reade more info in article How to save created animation?
How to add the created animations at my website?
Yes, of course. On the page where you will see your created animation you able to get direct link and HTML code, that you can paste directly into your page.
Short FAQ with general questions about our online animation service

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