How to make an animation?

GIF animation can be helpful for designers who want to make their site more interesting and to present information more dynamic. GIF file weighs much less than video, it doesn't cause difficulties while playing, and at the same time, attracts visitor’s attention to your site because of dynamism. In addition to the functional value, it should not be forgotten that the animation is also great fun and entertainment. By saving the best moment of the video in the form of gif image you can skillfully use it in social-web conversations. In other words, a collection of favorite cartoons never be superfluous. So how simply and quickly make a gif animation?

Let's go straight to the creating process...

The technology choice depends on the animation starting material. There are two variants - either gif animation will be made from video or from images. There is different animation software that can help with this. Most of them have an intuitive interface and it's gonna be no problems with how to make an animation.

How to make an animation using Photoshop

Most people mistakenly believe that Photoshop is designed to work only with images. However, it presents many tools for working with video, and animation files. The gif animation working function appeared in the version of Photoshop CS3 Extended already. First we need to open the "File" -> "Import" and then "Video Frames to Layers". Photoshop will let you to choose necessary video using Explorer. But there is a limit in 500 frames. If video has more frames, it must be separated into smaller fragments. This can be done in any video editor. Then you will see a window that allows you to configure the import of video. To get animations you need to uncheck the "Create a frame animation."

After that you have a lot of different opportunities for image correction. The main thing is to remember one rule - the default correction is applied to all the layers that are below corrected. You may change the background color, or even put your own new background picture. The completely new layer can be put between the video frames. Each frame is displayed on the Timeline, and corresponds to the number of the layer. It can also be edited separately from the other frames. So you can create the animation, for example, draw a highlight, gradually reducing it.

When the work is completed just go to the "File" and use the "Save for Web ...". Next, you need to configure some settings and gif animation is ready.

The second method involves the use of separate images for creating a cartoon. The technique for getting animated images is the same - using of plurality of layers. Start your job with creating images, then add all the pictures to the individual layers. Next, select the necessary group of images, and using the tab "Window", open the "Animation." The drop-down menu in the top right corner of the window "Animation" you must click on the "Create pictures of the layers." Then you similar to the previous method can edit individual images, and mark right on the scale playing time for every frame. At the end of editing works choose "File", select "Save for Web & Devices" and in the drop-down menu, be sure to note the format of GIF.

How to make a cartoon? Just start with drawing all the necessary layers and then create a gif animation. This opens amazing opportunities for creativity and entertainment. However, Photoshop is probably the most serious program for creating animations.

How to create an animation with small programs for working with video

How to make the animation without involving so serious resources? Today, there is different small and simple animation software, which, of course, has a enough limited functionality, but at the same time, allow you to build a simple video and create a gif animation. For example, iWisoft Free Video Converter. You can download the program from the official website for free. After downloading and installing, you should only need to add a video by clicking on the «Profile», «Flash Video and Pictures», «Picture», and select the format «GIF Animation format (*. Gif)». After that you can start the editing process. The program interface is quite simple and intuitive. In fact, the program simply converts video to GIF - Image.

Screen capture animated images

There are also simple programs, which helps to capture computer screen for next conversion into animated pictures. As an example GifCam.exe. The program doesn't even require installation, just unzip the file. This is a great option for those who need to make a quick guide on the specific software using. Using screenshots, of course, is also quite comfortable, but thanks to gif animation people will see exactly where to click and what will happens after.

There is a huge amount of programs for creating animations nowadays. Some are independent, some are an addition to more serious image editors. Most of them help to achieve the desired result, without putting special effort. However, perhaps the simplest way is to create animated images online.

How to make an animation for a couple minutes? allows you to create your own cartoons quickly, just upload images, drawings and photographs on site. After you add all the necessary elements, set animation settings, add text, finally, use one of our amazing effects. is very comfortable because of the simplicity and wide functional.

It will be much easier to create a cartoon online, because there is no need for a powerful computer that will deal with such graphic editing giants as Photoshop. Also, no need to clutter up the device with unnecessary programs, if you will occasionally need only gif animation function. is a great solution to this problem. Making animations is always fun and exciting, so there is no need to deny yourself this because of the weak capacity of your PC, or spend the time downloading and installing heavy software. Another advantage is that there is detail how to make an animation page (or how to create a cartoon), and there is no need to rummage in the instructions.

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